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Thunderball SEO Package

Case study and results


This client purchased Thunderball, our introductory positive SEO package. Within approximately one month we saw a rank improvement from page three to page one. Whilst the competition for the keyword is – what we would consider – low to medium, the URL had remained at a static low position for months. As the domain had a relatively low age, and only a few low/medium quality indexed links, this package proved the perfect choice. The achieved results were nothing short of spectacular. As expected with higher rankings, the client also reported an increase in traffic to that URL and subsequently approximately a 3% traffic increase overall.

Actually, this client became our first managed client, so we are kind of proud of this result! The results achieved are stereotypical of Thunderball, a low-medium competitive keyword, and an optimised website – and can easily be replicated by us … for you.


Automotive, news 

Keyword competition



Google page 1, position 3

Starting at page three,

We delivered page one

This URL started on the mid-level of page 3 for a medium-competition keyword. The results below display a positive rank movement of 2 pages resulting in a final page 1 result (position 3 of google).

affordable seo services for small businesses
Starting position: Mid-top of page 3 of google.
Period of adjustment as our work is picked up in google.
One month later: Page 1 of google (position 3) and still getting stronger.

We do not disclose client names or their domains: this is why the rank history graph is blurred at the bottom.




Our most affordable package. A good starting point.

Delivery time

10-14 days

Please allow us at least 14 days to implement.

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